Our Brands

DP Dental

DP Dental is a unique boutique practice providing healthcare with an integrative and functional approach. The DP dental team is committed to practising minimally invasive dentistry, involving patients in critical decision-making, and staying abreast of the latest technology and most innovative techniques. With two branches in Kovan and Orchard, DP Dental has always provided ethical and evidence-based dentistry for the past 18 years, and we will continue this good work at the third branch in Katong Point Shopping Centre.

Avantir wellness

At Avantir Wellness, we are a group of qualified Functional Medicine Health Coaches. Our mission is to inspire you to follow a path of better overall health and well-being. We focus on the optimal delivery of oxygen (AIR) to improve a person’s health and well-being, resulting in sleep enhancement and energy improvement.

School of Linguadontics

Led by international speaker and trainer of myofunctional and multi-disciplinary dentists, Dr Yue Weng Cheu, the School of Linguadontics is an education portal that draws a link between the tongue, airway and sleep and how that impacts one’s overall health.

DP Academy

DP Academy was birthed as an extension of the philosophy and work of DP Dental. Its mission is to provide excellence in world-class oral health education and offer courses that will train and equip healthcare professionals to their full potential to be accredited globally. Through this continual education, DP Academy will bring the philosophy of DP Dental to a broader audience, both local and overseas, to influence the approach to healthcare to be more “wholistic” and encompassing the whole person. The education the academy provides will define and shape the future of dentistry by preparing tomorrow’s healthcare professionals as leaders of change that will provide better patient care and service to our community and beyond.

Progressive Practice

Progressive Practice is the channel partnership arm of DP Healthverse Pvt ltd, which is committed to curating products and services from the world over to supply our extensive network in Asia. We also collaborate with a community of like-minded practitioners and partners in the region who share our philosophy and ethos. At Progressive Practice, we have formed strategic collaborations and partnerships with key brands that focus on integrative and functional dentistry like us. Myospots, Myomunchee, LinguaSTIK, Belun Ring, Steraligner, Myotronics, and Smile Line are among these brands.