Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our ultimate vision is to provide a “wholistic” and functional solution to health and wellness issues. We seek to impart this knowledge that the body should be considered as a whole rather than purely looking at individual parts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide human-centric care and solve problems at their root cause. We achieve this through strong, transparent corporate ethics and values - instead of treating patients like mere customers and financial opportunities, we treat them like we would our own family.

Our patients are at the core of everything we do. Over the years, we have served clients who fly in from all across the world to experience our “wholistic” approach to healthcare, and we encourage them to view oral health as an integral component of overall health and wellness.

Consistent with our vision to educate the public on the importance of oral health, we’re in the process of establishing a dental health knowledge repository. This repository is one of our biggest goals at the moment – we’re planning on compiling and collating the knowledge of numerous health experts and translating this into an easily digestible format. Health experts worldwide will be invited to join our “Web of Wellness” community to connect, collaborate and share their knowledge to build this repository. 

With this, we hope to expand DP Dental’s international presence and export our dental expertise, even if we cannot physically serve patients worldwide.

We see ourselves as a leader in education in addition to a leader in dentistry. This stance informs our business growth decisions – for instance, we plan to partner with dental clinics worldwide to market our knowledge repository, for which we will charge a subscription fee.