Who we are

We began as a small practice with only one dental chair and limited working capital. In 2006, Dr Yue Weng Cheu (Clinical Director and Founder, DP Dental) and Louisa Lee (Founder & CEO, DP Healthverse Holdings PL) purchased an existing Kovan clinic. They started operations with funds Louisa borrowed from her parents.

Dr Yue Weng Cheu, then an Associate at De Pacific Dental Group and a Clinical Director of two other dental practices, joined Louisa in this venture.

Soon, DP Dental began to experience exponential growth. Following the formal establishment of DP Dental Pte Ltd in 2007, we expanded into a four-chair practice the same year.

By 2010, we had a stable team of ten full-time employees, double the workforce with which we’d begun. In 2014, following the establishment of DP Dental South Asia, our team had almost 30 employees and was a large-scale, fully thriving business.

We attribute our extraordinary growth rate to our organisation’s work ethic and culture. To date, we continue to be a progressive practice using the latest technology, and we constantly seek to challenge ourselves, always breaking our personal best.

The pandemic forced us into greater digitisation in recent years, so we’ve been focusing on growing our digital presence and online brand identity.

Our milestones

We crossed the 1 million dollar revenue mark in 2007 and became a GST-registered company in only our second year of operations.

We consider our early success proof that our services and mission resonate with the Singaporean public and address a much-needed gap in the market.

A number of our milestones have emerged from business diversification and expansion throughout the years –


In 2010, we diversified to become the sub-franchisee of the Abrakadoodle Art Studio for kids.


In 2013, we sold Abrakadoodle and instead focused our attention on the start of Dental ED in South Asia.


In 2016, we dissolved Dental ED to begin Progressive Practice.


In 2017, we were recognised for our bold and successful entrepreneurship choices and honoured with the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the Year” award.


In 2018, we set up the Linguadontics Clinic - the world’s first tongue-focused clinic. However, we faced challenges of being ahead of our time and too progressive in some ways - then, in 2019, we renamed our business DP Dental.


In 2021, we were awarded the Learning Enterprise Alliance Award 2021 by The Centre for Workplace Learning and Performance, IAL-SUSS. This award is a tremendous validation of all our efforts in workplace learning and training of employees.


In 2022, we started DP Academy, which was birthed as an extension of the philosophy and work of DP Dental. Its mission is to provide excellence in world-class oral health education and offer courses that will train and equip healthcare professionals to their full potential to be accredited globally. We opened a physical site for our DP Academy at Katong Point Shopping Centre, along with the third branch of DP Dental clinic and our first Avantir Wellness centre.